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Medical Finance

The 6 most common misconceptions of leasing

Venturing down the finance route can initially seem a little daunting, typically associated with credit checks, tedious paperwork and onerous conditions. Whilst this may have been your experience with banks and finance houses in the past, this certainly doesn’t need to be the case. At Johnson Reed, we understand the time constraints and daily pressures of running a business, and facilitate your finance requirements in a quick, simple and fuss-free manner. Read More

4D ultrasound equipment for new-start, Baby Scan Studios

The first time parents-to-be see their baby during their first scan is a magical one. Yet, for several reasons, some feel that the scans provided by the NHS are not sufficient enough to document and optimise this unique moment. Whether future parents want a more in-depth experience, desire to share the special moment with more family and friends, or are simply looking for additional reassurance, Baby Scan Studios in Clydebank offer much more than a faint ultrasound print.Read More

Secure more sales with Johnson Reed

We all know a business needs to make sales to survive; securing a client purchase is key. You can offer them discounts, extra help, free fitting or specific knowledge on the subject but if the buyers cash flow isn’t there you will run into issues.

But don’t worry, that’s where Johnson Reed can help you. Vendors who use financing as a tool can not only successfully gain a sale, but it can increase the amount of equipment purchased and even lead to repeat sales.Read More

Specialist diagnosis kit for mobile vets

The quick assessment and treatment of animal injuries can often mean the difference between life and death. When dealing with big animals – such as horses – diagnosis can be difficult, costly, and (when using sedatives) sometimes itself dangerous.

Thankfully, science and modern technology have improved in the areas of field diagnosis thanks to an amazing concept: Infrared thermography (IRt). We’re all familiar with infra-red from innumerable TV shows and action movies, but this technology can be used for the more down-to-earth practice of identifying potential injuries in animals. The technology works by measuring the heat from animals – as determined by blood flow – which can be used to identify these possible injuries.Read More

When it’s more than just the residents on their last legs

Johnson Reed has a lot of experience in the medical sector. We can be relied upon to help to provide the right medical equipment finance, whatever the need. One of our specialist areas is the supply of IT hardware and software to elderly care home and care home services, where care is given on both a short stay, as well as a long stay basis. It might seem at first …Read More

Case Study: The perfect prescription for pharmacies

If you’re involved in a pharmacy, you know how crucial it can be to speed up your operations, without detriment to precision and accuracy with medication dosage. Johnson Reed helped finance medical equipment in the form of a Biodose System Heat Sealer to a customer recently, to help improve their operations and internal efficiencies. The equipment, worth £4,350 and leased without deposit over 36 months, was supplied by Protomed, a …Read More

Mobile Technology Drive in Healthcare

A new study by CompTIA, a non-profit IT industry organisation, has revealed that the health industry and medical practitioners are increasingly embracing mobile health (mHealth) technology. According to CompTIA’s Third Annual Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities study, the mobile adoption is already under way, with tablets and smartphones (loaded with custom applications) are set to overtake laptop and notebook PC usage in providing an improved patient care. Tim Herbert, Vice …Read More

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