Life can be easier with a lease.

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Want the best gear? Leasing could be your best option.

Lots of business owners presume leasing isn’t right for them without ever taking a closer look. Why is leasing such a useful alternative to hire purchase or a loan? For starters it’s 100% predictable. Fixed terms, fixed payments, no surprises. 

On top of that you get the highest level of tax relief. But it’s all about where you’re putting resources. No big down payment means you can conserve your working capital and increase your profitability. After all, you don’t pay your staff up front…

Is leasing right for you?

Here’s why businesses choose equipment leasing.

It increases your profitability

Holding onto your working capital lets you deploy it in more profitable ways

It’s great for cashflow

As our MD Mark says “Cash is King”. Leasing gets you brand new gear without exhausting your crucial cash reserves

You get the latest kit

Equipment won’t just be brand new, you can choose top models and benefit from emerging tech

Pay as you use

Spread the cost across the working life of your equipment (usually 3-5 years)

Super tax efficient

Because it’s a rental, not a purchase, every penny is tax deductible

Perfect for upgrades

If your existing kit is showing its age, leasing is ideal for upgrading or extending current usage

The most budget-friendly options

Repayments are fixed throughout (great for keeping your FD happy)

One simple payment

Your equipment and additional costs like installation and training are all covered by a single direct debit

Keep your credit lines intact

Leasing doesn’t affect any of your existing credit lines

Flexible buyout

If you want the option of ownership down the line, most come with an easy end-of-term buyout

Hear from someone else who loves leasing.

“It was important for all aspects of the solution to be in line with the customer’s requirements. Another key factor was the option to lease; once I contacted James from Johnson Reed, within minutes he came back to me with sign off on the lease. He also came to visit the customer in person to answer any of their questions and get the documents signed.”

Ross Downing, Nevis, Bingley

IT Finance/Vendor

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