About Johnson Reed

We’ve been pioneering flexible finance since 2005. From the common to the quirky, we can find the solution you need.

It’s absolutely free.

The perfect blend of experience, imagination and common sense.

When it comes to finance, Johnson Reed has been around. From our head office in Stockport, South Manchester, we work successfully with clients all over the UK, finding finance solutions for every imaginable aspect of business operations.

Our decades of experience has given us a great insight into different lenders and different markets – but that’s not all. It has shaped our understanding of what holds growing businesses back. We’ve seen just how many lenders will only stick to set formulas – which is why we never do. By using common sense and imagination, we can finance everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary – whatever is mission critical in taking your next big step forward.

Why Johnson Reed?

Here’s why you can rely on us to get your finance solution spot on.

Everything from single items to fit-outs

We can explore options from £1000 up to £1,000,000.

Quick turnaround and responses

You don’t have time to waste – so we’ll get you the answer, and usually your funds, ASAP.

Full panel of independent funders

Forget about what the banks are telling you. We know exactly where to go for open-minded answers and the best rates and terms.

We lend our own money too

Every year we lend £6m to help make sure our customers have options that help them move ahead with their plans.

Finance for new businesses and start-ups

Got no trading history? No problem. We help all kinds of people take the first step on their entrepreneurial journey.

Support from start to finish

We’ll be here to offer help and advise you from the beginning of your lease right up to the end.

Friendly, knowledgeable service

We’re a team of passionate finance specialists who love giving service that makes a difference.

Our values

Make it simple

No pressure

Be transparent at all times

There’s always a solution

Our job isn’t finished till the term is

Don’t do what’s easy, do what’s right

Our people

You can’t offer imaginative, common sense finance solutions without exceptional imaginative, common sense people. Our team are all enthusiastic and dedicated finance specialists who get a buzz out of helping you achieve your goals.

We’re always at the other end of a phone, so if you want to talk about your plans, give us a ring.

The tallest man in finance has over 20 years’ experience, so there isn’t much that Mark doesn’t know about finance and leasing! Mark is always at 100mph, which works well as his spare time is taken up chasing after his two daughters or participating in a triathlon – when his knees let him. Despite being a fitness fanatic, training often goes out the window when visiting catering clients!

Carol has been a member of the Johnson family for 30 years, originally working with Mark Johnson’s father. As Johnson Reed’s Operations Director, she’s involved in most things across the company, ensuring the office runs smoothly and the team are in check. You wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Carol loves trips around the world, but you might be surprised to hear she’s had a few scary moments, so ensuring Johnson Reed runs smoothly is second nature.

Jamie fell into the world of banking after graduating from The University of Bath, firstly cutting his teeth with Lloyds TSB before jumping into the leasing industry and joining Johnson Reed when we were a small team back in 2005. Jamie is a self-confessed numbers geek, stays fit chasing after his three young children and in his rapidly dwindling free time manages to squeeze in some football, rock climbing and snowboarding.

Ian has been a part of the Johnson Reed team for a number of years so there’s not much he doesn’t know about the finance industry. A specialist in the catering sector, you’ll tend to see Ian representing Johnson Reed at the catering events and conferences up and down the country. Outside of work Ian is often nipping off on holiday or watching his beloved Manchester City on television.

Before joining us at Johnson Reed, Sim graduated University with an Economics degree, and three years’ Business Development under his belt. He is an enthusiastic and valuable addition to our sales team. However, don’t leave your desk unattended when Sim is in the office, as he is often found playing pranks on the rest of the Johnson Reed team!

With 10 years of sales experience listed on his CV after graduating from London Metropolitan University, Antony is now a key part of our sales team. Although he loves the sound of his own voice in the office, he tends to be a little quieter at weekends, where he can be mainly found on the rugby pitch, enjoying concerts or taking in a show at the theatre, often with a large rum in his hand.

Pete is one of our account managers and he brings over 10 years of experience to the team. A stand-up comedian in his spare time, Pete is the office joker, often cracking some financed based one-liners. When he’s not at Johnson Reed or telling jokes on stage, Pete can be found in the gym or grooming his luscious beard.

Phil is our marketing man! Following four years in education as a media teacher, he is now putting his teaching into practise for us. In his spare time Phil will most likely be found at the Etihad watching his beloved Manchester City and following them around the world.

Ashlea is our admin manager, bringing a wealth of experience from her previous accounting roles and looks after our in-house lending accounts. When she’s not crunching numbers, Ashlea can be found drinking a hot chocolate and doting on her son and dog.

Joe joined JR with multiple years’ experience in the financial sector. He is no longer the youngest in the office, but still likes to remind others of his ability to avoid hangovers after drinking – making everyone else feel old! Joe is also a big United fan leading to lengthy conversations about his club in the office…unfortunately, not usually positive ones.

Grace is part of our admin team, with over 7 years’ experience previously working for the NHS. In her spare time, she volunteers as a girl guide leader helping girls aged 5 to 7 take part in exciting activities at regular meets and trips away. One of Graces main hobbies is attending her pole dancing classes to keep her fit and active.

Charlie works within our admin team. Since he’s not from the Manchester area, he spends his free time exploring what the area has to offer, in the city centre and the surrounding towns. He can also be found on his allotment growing all types of vegetables.

Our most recent recruit and new baby of the office is Beth (who’s stolen that accolade from Joe). Beth came to JR hungry for change following her role as a conveyancing administrator. When she’s not on the phones, Beth will most likely be outdoors or planning her next trip to America, having visited the States a number of times.

Eilish joined our team on the first working day of 2024. Living just a stones throw from the office, Eilish has remained true to her heritage, performing at championship level Irish dancing over the years. Since moving to the area, she has found a new love for cooking as well as her mischievous kitten, Charlie.

Our newest recruit is Jen, who came to us with a wealth of financial experience. Jen is an avid music and film enthusiast and you’ll often find her attending gigs around Manchester and beyond. Jen, similarly to Beth and Eilish in the office loves going over to the States for a long holiday with her husband Craig.