Release equity from existing assets.

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2 hours approval time
£150m raised to date
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Got the best gear? Unlock its value.

Lots of business owners are unaware that equipment refinancing is a great way to raise cashflow without lifting a finger. It’s one of the most underutilised products we offer, but it can be one of the most surprisingly valuable.

Funds are released quickly, cash is protected, and you have fixed monthly repayments over a flexible term which suits you. And most important of all, you retain full use of the asset. We can help guide you through a sale-and-lease-back facility, or a sale-and-HP-back, with lenders typically releasing around 80% of the equipment’s value. If needs be, we can also use our own funds to see you past any obstacle and create a scenario that gets you where you want to go.

Is equipment refinance right for you?

Here’s why businesses choose equipment refinance.

Unlock the value in existing equipment

Release working capital tied up in an asset

Spreads the cost of expensive equipment

Maintain healthy cashflow

It increases your profitability

Holding onto your working capital lets you deploy it in more profitable ways

Super tax efficient

Because it’s a rental, not a purchase, every penny is tax deductible

The most budget-friendly options

Repayments are fixed throughout (great for keeping your FD happy)

Keep your credit lines intact

Leasing doesn’t affect any of your existing credit lines

Flexible buyout

If you want the option of ownership down the line, most come with an easy end-of-term buyout

Hear from someone else who loves equipment refinancing

“It was important for all aspects of the solution to be in line with the customer’s requirements. Another key factor was the option to lease; once I contacted James from Johnson Reed, within minutes he came back to me with sign off on the lease. He also came to visit the customer in person to answer any of their questions and get the documents signed.”

Ross, IT Vendor

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