Quirky to them. Critical to you.

96% approval rate
2 hours approval time
£150m raised to date
5,149+ customers supported

Because there’s no such thing as business as usual.

What you need to unlock the next stage of business growth may not be on a traditional lender’s list. Every business is different and we understand just how important a particular investment may be to the next chapter in your business story. The fact that most banks and lenders don’t recognise that value to you doesn’t have to hold you back.

Quirky Kit® is our trademarked solution to financing fundamental assets that don’t sit on typical checklists. Whether you need to upgrade your software, acquire a specific type of machinery, or something else entirely, we’ll listen to you and use common sense to find the perfect solution. It’s a proven person-to-person approach designed to get you the mission critical finance that will open up a world of possibilities.

Are you in need of Quirky Kit finance?

Here’s why lots of businesses choose our Quirky Kit option.

We say yes when banks say no

We recognise that mission critical finance comes in all shapes and sizes

Common sense lending

We don’t look at tick boxes, we look at you

Person-to-person approach

Our specialists will take the time to understand exactly what you need

Simple direct debit

We’ll bundle all costs into one payment

Plan ahead

Keep on top of your budget with fixed repayments

Protect your cashflow

Get that mission critical funding without hurting your cash reserves

Increase your profitability

Keep your working capital working

See why other businesses choose this product

“As Johnson Reed did such a good job with our IT needs, we called them back in August last year to help us finance new air conditioning units to the tune of £15,000. We’re delighted with the speed and efficiency of their service.”

Alan Haigh, Director of OPM Group IT Equipment Finance

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