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How to finance payroll to reach your extraordinary sooner

Being able to pay your employees each month, without fail, is imperative to business success. The payroll must be kept on track throughout the year; something that many SMEs, family businesses and growing enterprises struggle with now and then. Many more companies find this monthly expenditure holds them back from moving on to that next crucial stage of growth – but aren’t aware there’s a simple solution. How to finance …Read More

The benefits of forward-thinking investments for your catering business

Foresight is key to any business, but for those in the fast-paced catering and hospitality sector – where consumers’ tastes can change often – it’s even more important. You must work as hard as you can to be proactive with investments, instead of reactive. Costly, one-off purchases may affect the viability of your business plan: something we mentioned in a previous article, for those in need of strategy advice. Thinking …Read More

A fast route to fryer finance for Sam’s Fish Bar

Even with two profitable outlets, lenders were steering clear of financing fish and chip shop Sam’s Fish Bar. But having grown wise to alternative solutions, co-owner Navjit Chatha knew where to go instead, helping his family enterprise move on to their next stage of growth. The Chatha family has been operating fish and chip takeaways in the North West for over 25 years. When it was time for Nav and …Read More

Struggling to finance non-standard assets? Look beyond traditional lenders

It’s no secret that a loan can help your business reach a key milestone. Whether you’re a startup or something more established, you may need to secure non-standard assets that typical lenders won’t finance. A business growth plan might rely on it, or it could be vital in order to carry out the work that you do. Unfortunately, these are seen as high risk loans for a small business… Until, …Read More

5 inspiring themes to make your soft play centre stand out

Children have their favourites for just about everything. The same goes for your soft play centre. Any business can offer a fun visit or two, but only the best themes are going to do more, generating a strong sense of loyalty in your highly competitive market. For inspiration, here are five such soft play creations to make your centre’s offering stand out from the rest… 1. Outer space From a …Read More

FTC Gym gave their finances a workout

Startup fitness centres face considerable competition in their market. Johnson Reed, however, managed to give John Grindrod a strong start, securing finance for his multi-layered health concept… John has worked in the fitness industry for most of his life. Starting as a lifeguard when he graduated school, he got a taste for personal training, working in a gym and progressing to military regimes at the age of 21. For almost …Read More

Startup finance for Total Tanning and Beauty

Three friends sought to transform a Chelmsford store into one of the best salons in the region. Equipment, however, is expensive in this line of work. Johnson Reed became a crucial partner for alternative finance. Just ask Paul, Sean and Sheema… Not all business is underpinned by a lifelong dream. Paul, for instance, hatched the idea of Total Tanning and Beauty when he noticed a sunbed proprietor had opened down …Read More

B! Health & Fitness lifts its financial weight

When Craig Bernhardt retired at the age of 47, he decided to pursue his long-held dream of opening his very own gym. Craig had a clear idea of what he wanted to create – a different type of exercise centre with bespoke equipment and kit. The problem was, he couldn’t get the financing… The banks were reluctant to help Craig with funding, and after putting in some of his own …Read More

5 heavy expenses every fitness centre must combat

The UK health and fitness industry is more in demand than ever. Its value is set to hit £22.8bn by 2020, and gyms and wellness centres make up a considerable portion of those projections. Even so, developing businesses have their own weight to bear. There are several large costs that come with operating a fitness site. Today, we’re going to list what they are, and how alternative financing can relieve …Read More

How cash flow can be improved through an unsecured business loan

Cash flow is, for many of us, the ultimate measure of business success. When it’s flowing as it’s meant to, everything seems prosperous. But when the opposite is true, your options can narrow in a very short span of time. Some brands find themselves stuck in a financial hole, without a ladder back to cash flow stability. However, a loan can save the day, keeping under control any cash flow …Read More

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