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Kick-start your marketing plans with alternative finance

It’s a new year, and your business gets to turn over a fresh leaf. By now, you’re probably in the midst of a marketing strategy – but how financially viable is it? A loan might help. Alternative finance can be used for much more than tools, equipment and plugging cash flow gaps. Branding can benefit too. When it comes to marketing finance, a short-term loan can really aid your communications. …Read More

How to buckle your business down for Brexit

Over 20 months on, and we still don’t have an answer on Brexit. That’s how long it’s been since Theresa May triggered Article 50. And the time since has become something of a pantomime; both sides of government are locked into battle, often putting careers before the real concerns of the British public. If Brexit politics seems chaotic, however, balance and certainty can be found in UK business. Whether we …Read More

Growth plans for 2019? Fast-track them with finance

The advent of a new year can be a great time to take another look at your growth ambitions. Whatever business you lead, it may be due a larger office, more staff, software investments or expanded services. All of that is doable with a common-sense loan or lease. And you don’t have to wait to make it happen… Instead of pursuing growth in February, March or April, start now. Build …Read More

Need a quick cash injection? Consider an unsecured loan

Too often, businesses are prevented from achieving their financial aims due to a lack of ‘securities’. These can be put up for a lender as collateral if you miss repayments. A vehicle, property or large-scale equipment range are among the most common assets. Yet many brands don’t have them. When you need cash quickly, that can be a real issue. Look beyond the mainstream, though, and you’ll find that unsecured …Read More

Amplifying the (im)possible: the most unusual assets we’ve helped finance

Common-sense lending doesn’t have to encompass only those everyday assets. In fact, it can often do the opposite: giving our clients the license to get something they’ve spent a lot of creative energy on. Everyone has a few strange dreams for their business, but they may not always fulfil them with mainstream lenders. Which is where we present the alternative… Lending requests can be a playground of thought and ambition. …Read More

Setting up a soft play centre? How to make investment reality

Building a child’s paradise may seem easy, but you know it isn’t. Soft play centres require a lot of thought, hard work and investment before they welcome a single visitor. Whether you’re just starting out with an idea or are hoping to grow a collection of venues, we want to make your dream cost-effective and more achievable. Here at Johnson Reed, we like to take a common-sense stance on everything …Read More

Rumba raise a glass to good lending

When Martin’s business began to outgrow its old premises in Congleton, we were able to deliver freedom for future investment. But Rumba, a high-end café and bar brand, had so much more to offer as we uncovered its full potential… Rum specialists are hard to come by. Martin Holmes and his team, however, had been delivering exceptional measures, coffees and cocktails for several years. One drink at a time, their …Read More

New growth for SS Skincare

Few technologies are more in demand than laser hair treatment. SS Skincare’s clinics were doing well, yet needed a larger arsenal to keep up with the increase in demand in the North West. Enter Johnson Reed, as a smarter form of finance… SS Skincare, a skin treatment centre, has been running in Manchester since 2016. In 2018, its owner realised something was changing in the industry – laser application was …Read More

A shot of success for di Bosco Horbury

From humble beginnings to one of West Yorkshire’s best coffee and champagne spots, di Bosco is more than 150 years in the making. Peter Hunter had big ideas for his Horbury bar. We were glad to help him on a journey to a refined artisanal business… The di Bosco brand has its origins in a figure from Catholic history – St. John Bosco, known for his benevolent work around Europe, …Read More

Is poor gym equipment limiting your business potential?

There’s more than one sort of weight to bear as a gym owner. Maintenance or fit-out costs, scheduling, training new staff members… There’s a lot to think about. We can comfortably place gym equipment in there too – it’s among the main reasons why clients get a membership after all. According to a 2015 ukactive report, 39.9% of gymgoers said it was a ‘leading factor in their continued attendance.’ Amplifying …Read More

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