Managing cash flow efficiently and effectively

Johnson Reed
2m read

At Johnson Reed, we’ve learnt a lot about the way various businesses regard their future prosperity, and across the years we’ve identified typical sectors that can benefit from our expertise. As part of that expertise, we consider ourselves to be very efficient at recognising people’s needs and acting swiftly to deliver funding for them. We also know a thing or two about the right way to run a business, and how important cash flow is to the success of any venture – however large or small.

Good cash management relies on factors such as minimising costs and maximising income streams. One of the key issues, and an area where Johnson Reed can be particularly helpful, is the need to obtain funding at costs as low as possible, together with making the most of early payment discounts to suppliers.

One of our specialist areas involves funding for new plant and machinery, which is so essential in making sure that orders are fulfilled quickly and professionally. But the machinery has to be paid for before it can start producing customer orders. Arrange a finance deal with us, and you can benefit from the new kit straight away, while budgeting for the cost with regular monthly payments. With Johnson Reed, you don’t have the worry of running short of money when you need to pay substantial sums to your suppliers – we do that for you, and you benefit in so many ways from a tax viewpoint. Which is brilliant news for your cash flow.

Sage, the accountancy software company, calls cash flow ‘the lifeblood of the organisation’. It publishes a series of Industry Sector Bulletins aimed at small business decision makers. In their SageInsight: Cash flow white paper, they say: ‘Streamlining cash handling processes will save the organisation money and give it a good overall view of its current cash situation. Accurately forecasting cash flows well in advance will ensure that it stays solvent and uses the most appropriate type of funding at the lowest possible cost interest and fees.”

They could have been talking about the Johnson Reed service with that quote. We always have our clients’ interests at heart, and we’ll bend over backwards to make sure that you are able to make the most of every benefit available to you and your venture. Don’t get caught in the cash flow trap. Come to us – even if it’s just for advice. We can show you plenty of people for whom the Johnson Reed service was their saving grace.