How to maximise trade for your hospitality business this summer

Johnson Reed
2m read

Once spring gives way to hotter temperatures and a bit more sunshine, your hospitality business will likely experience a huge lift. Summer is a boon for brands in this industry. Longer days, warmer nights and holiday time can motivate profits like little else.

By making some key investments now, you can capitalise on the extra footfall. They’ll mark you out as a must-see venue and your budgets can quickly recuperate. The only questions are what such investments could be, and how to fund them without breaking the bank…

Read on for a few summer ideas to lift your business prospects.

A firepit patio area

Not many outdoor features have the same late-night draw as a firepit. They’re considered costly for domestic use, but remain affordable for many bars, restaurants and hotels. A firepit encourages people to meet and talk over drinks or food. The communal aspect is a bonus – think of the effect it will have on your events, when live music is playing in the background.

Parasols and furniture

High-grade parasols are more innovative than you may realise. Some of them tilt up to 360 degrees so that guests can sit for many hours and rearrange the canopy to their liking. UV protection is another modern quality you can offer. Meanwhile, rattan furniture (like chairs, sofas and hanging ‘egg’ seaters) adds a sense of fun and luxury. Alternative finance can help you lease the items and pay them back one month at a time, instead of fronting the cost in one go.

Outdoor screenings

Do you have a collection of large TVs, or a projector with a state-of-the-art sound system? They’re undeniably useful for outdoor crowds. Sports games, live premiers and movies are even better in the company of good people and an exciting drinks menu. We’ve helped numerous clients use a flexible lease for media equipment, just in time for summer visitors. It gives them a reason to choose you for date nights or sports viewings, which increases table bookings.

A garden showcase

Perhaps you’ve been considering a long-overdue overhaul of your green space. Landscaping and replanting are big projects, but that doesn’t mean they are out of your price range. For years, we’ve introduced clients to lenders for large, characterful outdoor investments. From expansive lawns to conservatories, greenhouses and private balconies, anything that brings a sense of splendour to your venue can ramp up guest numbers. We’ve even assisted a client in Horbury in building a 700 sq ft. orangery. For a grand opening or a seasonal rethink, our Quirky Kit finance package can help you, whatever the scale required.

Time is a factor here – every day that goes by has the potential for more business, word of mouth, and marketing opportunities. Contact Johnson Reed to discuss what your summer project might be. We have access to lenders across the UK, ready to support brands just like yours in reaching their extraordinary.