4D ultrasound equipment for new-start, Baby Scan Studios

Johnson Reed
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The first time parents-to-be see their baby during their first scan is a magical one. Yet, for several reasons, some feel that the scans provided by the NHS are not sufficient enough to document and optimise this unique moment. Whether future parents want a more in-depth experience, desire to share the special moment with more family and friends, or are simply looking for additional reassurance, Baby Scan Studios in Clydebank offer much more than a faint ultrasound print.


Baby Scan Studios

Owner of Baby Scan Studios, Angie Oxford, is a registered midwife with almost 18 years’ experience, the past four of which she has worked as an Obstetric Sonographer in the NHS. Fully registered with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), Angie ensures that her training and accreditation are fully up-to-date, familiarising herself with the latest research and developments in the practice.
“With Baby Scan Studios, I feel I’ve found the right balance. Many parents-to-be looking for private scans find that they come at a hefty price,” said Angie, “At the other end of the scale is the practices that perform scans in a very impersonal, conveyor-belt fashion, which diminishes what is supposed to be a special and unique moment. I aim to provide a special and affordable way for parents obtain more information and connect with their baby before birth.”

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All Medical Mindray DC-70

The All Medical Mindray DC-70 model is the top of its class for 4D baby scanning and diagnostic ultrasound, and offers an extraordinary scanning experience from a ‘fly on the wall’ perspective, allowing parents-to-be to see skin features and even facial expressions. The technology also means the baby’s heartbeat can be heard, and the detailed scan can be made into beautiful gifts and keepsakes in a variety of different packages.
Angie was referred to Johnson Reed through supplier, All Medical, keen to minimise the upfront cost of the purchase and spread the remaining costs over a set period, essentially paying for the equipment as it makes its money. Working closely with Johnson Reed Sales Consultant, Paula, Angie had peace of mind throughout the process, and the deal was completed and finalised for the clinic to open at the end of August.
“Paula was lovely and the service was great,” Angie commented, “We spoke to each other several times a day for several weeks! She’s a lovely lady and always at hand if I needed anything. She’d always speak to me or get right back to me on the phone if I needed anything or I was unsure of anything.

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