Wellness well-funded

Johnson Reed
2m read

When it comes to our health, it’s safe to say that most of us tend to be more reactive than proactive. We’ll visit the doctor when we’re sick, but efforts to maintain our health and wellbeing can all-too-easily fall by the wayside.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Hannah Beard, has started-up a brand-new clinic in the centre of Bournemouth, offering the comprehensive treatment programme, ‘8 Weeks to Wellness’. Having worked as a chiropractor in Manchester for a number of years, Hannah identified a need to offer clients more; getting to the root cause of a problem and bringing all components of chiropractic together to optimise treatment whilst promoting wellness as a true way of life.

Hannah relocated to Bournemouth to further her studies and became inspired to embark on her own business venture after attending an ‘8 Weeks to Wellness’ seminar. As a 12-year-established model with over 100 operators in the US, this approach is now becoming more widely recognised in the UK.

Often, the primary focus of chiropractic treatment is to treat back pain and injury, and whilst it can be effective at doing so, the restricted number of sessions patients are referred for by the NHS can sometimes discredit the practice, as the old aches and pains can begin to creep back in once the short treatment period has ended. Hannah argues that sessions should be ongoing as a form of maintenance to be effective; addressing the root cause of the issue and maintaining a good standard of health and wellness to promote healing.

Amongst the somewhat-saturated Bournemouth chiropractic market, Pure Wellness’ main differentiator from the local competition is their emphasis on wellness and their ability to provide all elements under one roof; massage, personal training, nutritional advice and meditation.

Hannah worked closely with Jamie at Johnson Reed, who arranged funding for a wide range of start-up costs, including a body composition machine, commercial grade fitness equipment, chiropractic tables and insight scanning technology – to name just a few! With 19 different vendors (equipment suppliers) involved in the project, Jamie was able to relieve much of the admin headache and ensure timely payment to suppliers. This left Hannah and her team more time to focus on launching the new venture.

Hannah commented, “Throughout the process, Jamie has always gone above and beyond to make sure my needs were met. He was extremely patient with me when things didn’t always go as planned – which is common when starting-up a new business! I have already recommended Jamie to all of the UK-based and upcoming ‘8 Weeks to Wellness’ centres, but would recommend him to anyone. Thank you for all of your help!”