Case Study: The perfect prescription for pharmacies

Johnson Reed
1m read

If you’re involved in a pharmacy, you know how crucial it can be to speed up your operations, without detriment to precision and accuracy with medication dosage. Johnson Reed helped finance medical equipment in the form of a Biodose System Heat Sealer to a customer recently, to help improve their operations and internal efficiencies.

The equipment, worth £4,350 and leased without deposit over 36 months, was supplied by Protomed, a company dedicated to breaking the mould in medication management, by combating medication error through monitored dosage systems. In fact, they created Biodose® which is the world’s only medication management platform to accommodate liquid medicines as well as solid oral dose forms. It’s been proven to dramatically increase medication compliance, cut round times and boost efficiency for its thousands of users worldwide in care homes, domiciliary establishments and pharmacies. It’s a clever system that also benefits consumers by replacing conventional pill boxes, dispensers, blister packs and measuring spoons with simple solutions that work.

In this case a seemingly complex problem was solved by the Johnson Reed team, whose dedicated account manager was able to quickly understand the customer’s needs by arranging a simple, straightforward transaction to the satisfaction of all involved. The perfect example of the need for the best quality from the very latest equipment, where you simply can’t afford to cut corners.