Mobile Technology Drive in Healthcare

Johnson Reed
1m read

A new study by CompTIA, a non-profit IT industry organisation, has revealed that the health industry and medical practitioners are increasingly embracing mobile health (mHealth) technology.

According to CompTIA’s Third Annual Healthcare IT Insights and Opportunities study, the mobile adoption is already under way, with tablets and smartphones (loaded with custom applications) are set to overtake laptop and notebook PC usage in providing an improved patient care.

Tim Herbert, Vice President of Research of CompTIA said:

As mobile devices and applications have become more user-friendly, affordable and powerful, the appeal to businesses of all types, including healthcare providers, has grown exponentially.

In the report, a quarter of the surveyed healthcare provides reported already using tablets as part of their job. A further quarter expect to start using them within 12 months. An unsurprising result was also concluded – more than half of healthcare professionals already use a smartphone.

Here at Johnson Reed we’re delighted at these results from CompTIA. We’ve already been aware for a while that IT and technology is driving forwards in many industries, especially in healthcare. We’ve worked with a number of healthcare organisations to secure leasing for new IT hardware and medical technology, and we’re happy to see the adoption is increasing.