When it’s more than just the residents on their last legs

Johnson Reed
2m read

Johnson Reed has a lot of experience in the medical sector. We can be relied upon to help to provide the right medical equipment finance, whatever the need. One of our specialist areas is the supply of IT hardware and software to elderly care home and care home services, where care is given on both a short stay, as well as a long stay basis.

It might seem at first glance that such places are living in the past. But no, to stay competitive they have to keep up with trends, and modern equipment is all part of the service. Just like some of the residents, IT equipment can show its age and needs updating on a regular basis. At Johnson Reed we have a good working relationship with trusted suppliers like NSM Services in Sidcup. Our clients value the fact that they can offer a one-stop solution, with friendly and knowledgeable staff giving out invaluable help and expertise.

This is good for the customer as well, because they know that, by replacing ageing kit and staying up-to-date with technology, they can improve their operations and internal efficiencies – those all-important measures for attracting customers and keeping them happy during their stay.

As with much of our business, by dealing with us the medical sector can benefit from quick decisions, simple paperwork, no personal guarantees, tax advantages and no cumbersome banks to slow the process down. Even if it does look like a leisurely environment, a care home is still a business that needs to be run smoothly and efficiently – with help from Johnson Reed.