Can leasing build a credit score for your business?

Credit scores can be just as frustrating for businesses as individuals. A poor credit score, or a lack of one in the first place, can be a thorn in the side of your plans to grow or invest. Johnson Reed have already written about how to keep your business credit score...

What type of finance am I looking for?

Outsourcing finance for your business can be a daunting prospect – especially with the overwhelming range of products on the market. Whether your business is looking to purchase new assets, upgrade equipment or requires a cash injection for another purpose, Johnson Reed’s lease, loan and asset finance facilities provide a one-stop shop. Here’s the what/why/how breakdown and key features of each of our facilities...

Planning growth for 2018

Whether you’re in the new start stages of business, or an already-established or growing model, planning and preparation are essential to your success. Clearly defining goals and regularly reviewing your strategy help you remain focused and ensure every decision is made with your business’ growth in mind. Here are our top planning tips for a successful 2018.

What should you look for in a finance partner?

At Johnson Reed, we believe the role of a finance partner goes far beyond simply facilitating funds. With many different brokers on the market, it’s important that you choose a partner that can meet your requirements quickly whilst being fully invested in your business and its success. Here are the key qualities that both businesses seeking finance and vendors should look for in a partner.

Boost your soft play business

It’s been another busy year for the soft play industry, and at Johnson Reed, we’re incredibly proud to have been involved with so many new-start ventures, alongside the numerous projects involving existing operators and our repeat customers in the sector! As the market becomes more saturated, as operators it’s important to be vigilant and take the time to regularly review your offering to identify any areas for improvement. Here are just a few ideas to help you boost your business and bring more custom through your doors.

Software purchase vs. subscription

When looking to purchase new software for your business, your licencing and payment will likely be amongst your top considerations. With obvious pros and cons to perpetual licencing and subscriptions, it’s important to determine which model will best suit your business’ requirements.

6 smart ways to put loans to use in your business

Regardless of whether you’re a new-start, growing or established business, capital is one of your most valuable assets. With money constantly moving in and out of your business, it’s feasible that you might need to consider sourcing external funds to help you manage cash flow or achieve business goals. Applying for a business loan can come with a negative stigma; often perceived as a sign of financial hardship or a last resort – but this certainly isn’t always the case! On the contrary, loan facilities can be used as part of a strategic move for a business; as more of a proactive, rather than reactive, solution.

Growth and Scalability: How to treat every kit purchase as a revenue-generating asset

Sometimes upgrading and purchasing new equipment is necessary to enable and maintain your day-to-day operation, and sometimes your investment may be part of a wider strategy to grow and improve your business. Regardless of your rationale, it can help to adopt the analytical mindset of a business growth expert to ensure you’re making a worthwhile investment and taking a step in the right direction towards your business growth. Here’s the inside track on a business growth expert’s decision-making process, and how to approach every equipment purchase as a revenue-generating asset.

7 ways CRM can enhance your business growth

Regardless of the size of your business or industry, a customer relationship management (CRM) system can form the framework of your business; helping manage much of the day-to-day and streamline your operation across departments. Used to its full potential, your CRM can be a powerful marketing and sales aid solution; helping teams operate more efficiently, identify new opportunities, and ultimately, win more business.

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