FITISM Launches Stunning Third Location

Phil Whitehead
2m read
FITISM Launches Stunning Third Location

FITISM Launches Stunning Third Location.

FITISM, a welcoming personal training gym, is on a mission to make regular exercise and good nutrition a staple in their clients’ lives. Our team at Johnson Reed recently visited their newest site in Somerford, where they’re dedicated to helping everyday people become leaner, stronger, fitter, and healthier.
Upon arrival at FITISM’s latest venue, we were blown away by its stunning transformation. Housed in a converted farm barn, the gym has quickly become a hotspot for new members eager to join sessions crafted by experienced coaches and trainers. These sessions cater to everyone, from seasoned gym-goers to complete beginners.
The sense of community at FITISM is truly remarkable. Despite being open for just a few weeks, positive relationships between clients are already flourishing, thanks to the warm and inviting atmosphere created by FITISM’s staff and facilities.
Founder Matt and Director Ali reached out to us at Johnson Reed to secure top-tier equipment for their 6-week challenge. This challenge aims to help clients reduce body fat, build lean muscle, and boost overall fitness. By leasing the equipment, FITISM preserved their cash reserves while accessing high-quality gear tailored to their market. Now, Matt can allocate his capital more strategically as they explore the possibility of opening a fourth site.
From the outset, Peter understood Matt and Ali’s vision and collaborated closely with the equipment supplier to ensure timely delivery. Ali praised Peter for going “above and beyond” to ensure a smooth, seamless process from start to finish.
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