Filling the Funding Void Felt by Fitness Facilities

Johnson Reed
2m read
Filling the Funding Void Felt by Fitness Facilities

In an industry still feeling somewhat uneasy recently due to its unpredictability; the pre-COVID boom halted by the pandemic, now continuing through soaring overheads, interest rates and inflation, it’s important to focus on what you can control. Companies should be getting investment ready, not waiting for things to improve. To succeed, businesses need to keep moving forward…

But how? Boutique studios and independently owned fitness facilities have historically struggled to access funding. In fact, this is something felt by many small businesses – 70% said they feel less supported by their bank in the last 12 months, and 1 in 4 said they felt high street banks take the time to actually understand their business.

The ever growing distance between SME’s financial requirements and support offered by high-street banks has now become a gaping chasm. Johnson Reed have filled this void. We want to be the finance partner of choice for small businesses, the beating heart of the UK economy. We want fitness and leisure businesses to not just survive, but thrive again.

We’ve been offering fitness finance at JR for decades, it’s our thing. Our partnerships and close relationships with lenders and underwriters alike has been instrumental in helping us get closer to achieving our mission. It’s also allowed us to get results back quickly for owner operators, sometimes within just a few hours, as we know that 4 in 5 SMEs value fast response times.

We know that SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy and that obstacles placed in their path have created barriers for business. Our experience and insights help to bust through these barriers and unlock funding that would otherwise be out reach.

With Johnson Reed by your side, you’ll have the solutions to strike the necessary balance between making investment plans a reality, all whilst protecting your essential cashflow. We get it, cash is king!

Business journeys are rarely straight lines. Certainly for Boutiques. That’s why we take a fluid approach.