Filling the funding challenges faced by SMEs

Johnson Reed
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Filling the funding challenges faced by SMEs

When Johnson Reed was established, almost 20 years ago now, we noticed the distance between SMEs financial requirements and support offered by high-street banks growing larger by the day. That’s why our mission since 2005 hasn’t changed. We want to become the finance partner of choice for SMEs, who are the beating heart of the UK economy and we want to provide the vital funding they need to thrive and grow.

Our partnerships with lenders and close relationships with underwriters alike has been instrumental in helping us achieve our mission. This panel of funders are very much a part of the JR extended family and share our common sense approach to underwriting that looks beyond the balance sheet.

In doing this, we have gained valuable insights into how all kinds of industries tick and the unique risks and opportunities that our client often encounter. We know the right questions to ask that shine a torch on the less obvious strengths of a business and the impact these have on their true performance. What sectors are seeking funds? How quickly do they need them? Which UK regions are under-served? In seeking these insights we have a better understanding of our clients and the SME landscape.

Our focus on service and speed allow us to get results back quickly for SMEs. We know that the Northern regions, Scotland and Wales are the least populous areas for SMEs and we know that 2/3 of SMEs suggest that banks are less supportive than they have been (Praetura – Fund the Gap). So developing a knowledgeable team in our HQ in South Manchester has allowed us to truly support businesses across the whole of the UK.

We know that SMEs are the backbone of the UK economy and that obstacles placed in their path have created barriers for business. But our principles have been developed on stepping up and rising to these challenges that SMEs are facing and a desire to fill the void left by other lenders.