Timing finance is key at the beginning of a business journey

Johnson Reed
2m read

Everyone knows that cashflow management is make or break for businesses, especially at the beginning of a business journey. Funding is a key component in transferring an idea into a successful business entity and start-up costs/trading differs across industry, size and ambition. This means making the right funding choices at the right time is critical.

SMEs are typically divided into key phases – ‘start-ups’ and ‘established’. The ‘start-up’ phase marks the birth of the business. Here, the objective is clear – transforming the vision into a working model. Start-ups, by their nature are ventures stepping into uncharted waters, often they’re resource-intensive in the beginning – initial research, developing infrastructure, equipment acquirement, all of which requires capital. This is why traditional lenders tread cautiously.

We’ve been offering business finance at JR for decades, we have the insights and flexibility to know the best and various funding options available. We also are able to use our experience and imagination to link these options to the specific phase our SME client is in to create the perfect finance package.

At Johnson Reed, we know exactly how to find a funding partner that fits, and our close relationships, especially with underwriters, mean we can get results quickly. We have the flexibility to get deals done which a traditional, rigid lender can’t and secure you the assets you need to unlock the next stage in your growth journey. We also have access to our own funds at JR, and recognise that business journeys are rarely straight lines, that’s why we take a fluid approach.

Reach out to our friendly, specialist team today to find out more about how we can help that critical timing of finance within your business journey – 0161 429 6949, info@johnsonreed.co.uk.