The angled tower logo, originally designed with the inception of the company, represents a twist on a traditional corporate bank to reflect Johnson Reed’s open-minded approach to the ‘quirkier’ assets traditional lenders usually neglect.

Our wonderful Senior Accounts Manager, Adrian Barratt, is celebrating a very important milestone this month! Join us as we take a look back over the last ten years of his career.

Johnson Reed have been growing quite rapidly in the past 12 months, with new recruits in admin, sales and marketing. We’re always explaining the benefits of leasing to you guys, but it’s actually our preferred method of acquiring equipment too. We’ve been working with suppliers, Tailored Office Solutions and Vaadhoo, to make some upgrades around the office. Catch up with the team here.

Our Sales Manager, James Wells, is celebrating one year with the team here at Johnson Reed. Here’s what he’s been up to…