Celebrating one year with Johnson Reed

Johnson Reed
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Our Sales Manager, James Wells, is celebrating one year with the team here at Johnson Reed. Here’s what he’s been up to…

Tell us a bit about your working background…

I graduated from Edge Hill University with a degree in Criminology and Law before working as a team manager for a business process outsourcing company. I’ve been in the leasing game for a few years now and never looked back!

You’ve worked in leasing before. What’s different about Johnson Reed?

The companies I worked with previously specialised primarily in asset and vehicle. The range of sectors we operate across at Johnson Reed is so diverse; we can finance anything from a tower crane to a children’s soft play structures. I’ve also helped to bring new strings to the Johnson Reed bow, including surveying, UAV and UAS…

Too many acronyms!

Sorry- an unmanned aerial vehicle is something like a drone, for example, and unmanned aircraft systems are like miniature aircraft with no human pilot on board! They’re usually tools used by surveyors. (If you want to know more, read his post here)

Got you! What do you enjoy about your role most?

It’s got to be Lorraine’s biscuit tin…haha! No, this role is much more hands-on. I’m actively facilitating finance with my own customers, and there’s so much more freedom and room for self-development. I love going out to visit suppliers and customers and business exhibitions- no two days are the same.

Well now we’ve asked that, we’re going to have to ask what you enjoy the least?

The early mornings after a sleepless night with my young children!

How has the role helped your career development?

I’m able to work more independently and take charge of my own deals and customers. Also, working across so many sectors means I establish great new contacts every day, and learn about so many different industries.

How do you wind down to combat the intensity of the asset finance world?

I have a young son and daughter, so I’m always occupied. At the weekends I play cricket, it’s pretty much the only sport I’ve ever been good at, and I don’t see the passion leaving anytime soon!
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