Johnson Reed put their money where their mouth is with office IT upgrades

Johnson Reed
2m read

Johnson Reed have been growing quite rapidly in the past 12 months, with new recruits in admin, sales and marketing. We’ve booted Mark out of the main office and into the old boardroom, and Carol’s been moved into her own little Dragon’s Den! We’ve even invaded the top floor of the JR building to create a new boardroom, which can now accommodate all of our team with room to spare!
We’re always explaining the benefits of leasing to you guys, but it’s actually our preferred method of acquiring equipment too. We’ve been working with supplier, Tailored Office Solutions, to make some upgrades around the office. We’ve had a 60” wall-mounted television fitted to help us focus on our customer projects, dedicate appropriate resources and manage key dates. This replaces the old whiteboard- useful in our early days but useless when helping the number of SMEs we now support and the size of the team we now have! The information can be updated on the office computers and displayed instantly. The mirroring technology also means the team can connect their smartphones to the TV.
We’ve also recently invested in digital signage from Vaadhoo. As you know, we frequent a lot of exhibitions around the country, and we felt it was time to update our stand. The 32” ‘plug and play’ showcases our presentations from a simple USB input- significantly more eye-catching than the stationary displays of our competitors!
“Our various IT upgrades have been really effective and made us much more productive,” explains Mark, “We couldn’t truly be advocates of equipment finance if we didn’t use it ourselves, and the tax savings alone are reason enough to acquire new equipment in this way. As for the growth of the office and the company, this is just the beginning. We’re pleased to have been able to help the growing SME market, and of course, we owe a huge thanks to our clients. Without their custom and referrals, we wouldn’t be where we are now.”

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