Few technologies are more in demand than laser hair treatment. SS Skincare’s clinics were doing well, yet needed a larger arsenal to keep up with the increase in demand in the North West. Enter Johnson Reed, as a smarter form of finance… SS Skincare, a skin treatment centre, has been running in Manchester since 2016. … Read more

Three friends sought to transform a Chelmsford store into one of the best salons in the region. Equipment, however, is expensive in this line of work. Johnson Reed became a crucial partner for alternative finance. Just ask Paul, Sean and Sheema… Not all business is underpinned by a lifelong dream. Paul, for instance, hatched the … Read more

Established in the industry for over 13 years, Director, Jane Saunders, also owns a second site in Stevenage; The Sun Factory. As a long-standing customer of Johnson Reed, Jane has acquired a number of sunbeds for both sites through leasing agreements. On hearing about our unsecured loan facilities, Jane turned to Paula to arrange finance for various salon refurbishments. The required amount and fixed term was agreed, and the funds were arranged promptly.

As a lifetime member of the British Hairdressing Hall of Fame, Charlie Taylor boasts quite a career! After training as a stylist in Scotland, she moved to London in 1984, where she worked alongside fellow top British Hairdresser, Trevor Sorbie. She returned to her Scottish roots three years later, and opened her first salon in Perth. Other impressive accolades include three-time-winner of Scottish hairdresser of the year, a second salon in Dundee established 20 years, a reputation as a coveted international stylist and educator, and numerous pieces of coverage across print, television and radio.

David Tamplin is no stranger to running a successful tanning business. In 2000, he set up TPSS Ltd (Tamplins Professional Sunbed Studios) and had two salons in the Hove Brighton area. However after twelve years, he was faced with the decision to either invest heavily and update the sunbeds, as they were starting to look tired, or sell the shops and have a look at doing something different.

He decided to choose the latter, and over the last couple of years has spent his time mainly investing in converting a property in Brighton into a multiple student occupancy building. The property was then let to local students in September.

Much of our business at Johnson Reed stems from supplier-referred contacts. Manufacturers and distributors know companies for whom finance deals are needed, and they have to find a solution quickly to keep their clients happy. Partners in Hair is a case in point in Aberdeen. They run an independent hair salon business from a prime … Read more

If you’re in the beauty salon business, keeping your head above water is crucial in such a competitive environment. And one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition is to invest in up-to-date services and equipment. Technology is always on the move and nowhere is this more apparent than in the skincare … Read more

Laser lipolysis. It sounds painful doesn’t it? But we’re assured that it isn’t. This is the pioneering process of non-invasive fat reduction (actually, we believe the beauty therapy industry prefers to call it ‘inch loss’) that is being carried out in thousands of beauty salons across the country these days. With obesity epidemics hitting the … Read more

The ironic thing about periods of recession is that they can very often throw up opportunities that can take over from problems that people are experiencing. We came across this recently with a lady in Colchester who wanted to diversify her beauty and hair salon business. She felt that, because of the current climate exacerbating … Read more

Did you know that it costs £15,000 to buy a HydraFacial Tower? No, neither did we until we looked into things in more detail for our client, Orchard Aesthetics in Henley. Anti-aging skincare is big business, especially in America where they call it ‘cosmeceuticals’. We have a supplier that specialises in procedures such as line-reducing … Read more