That’s the beauty of salon finance

Johnson Reed
2m read

If you’re in the beauty salon business, keeping your head above water is crucial in such a competitive environment. And one of the best ways to stay ahead of your competition is to invest in up-to-date services and equipment. Technology is always on the move and nowhere is this more apparent than in the skincare and beauty treatment fields.

You need your salon to look in tip-top condition all the time. The public are very critical – as well as being somewhat fickle at times. So it’s important that you invest in the very latest sterilisers, treatment equipment, mag lamps, hot towel cabinets, steamers, heated blankets, furniture and all the other hundred-and-one things that you need to make your venture a success.

But where does the salon finance come from to acquire all the stuff that you regard as essential? You know that you have a steady customer base, and your business plan should have predicted a certain income over the coming months and years. At Johnson Reed you’ll find that we have faith in you as well. With only the minimum amount of administration and paperwork, we can purchase items on your behalf and lease them back to you over a contract period of, say three to five years. That way, you get all the benefits of instant access to all those crucial items and you’re able to use them as you need them. You don’t pay tax on them either, because we are in effect the owner of them throughout the contract period. And your only worries are the fixed monthly payments that you can budget for from your regular income stream. Simple. And quite beautiful.