Johnson Reed helps Hove Park Tanning Studios get up and running

Johnson Reed
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David Tamplin is no stranger to running a successful tanning business. In 2000, he set up TPSS Ltd (Tamplins Professional Sunbed Studios) and had two salons in Burgess Hill and Brighton. However after twelve years, he was faced with the decision to either invest heavily and update the sunbeds, as they were starting to look tired, or sell the shops and have a look at doing something different.

He decided to choose the latter, and over the last couple of years has spent his time mainly investing in converting a property in Brighton into a multiple student occupancy building. The property was then let to local students in September.

Since selling his shops, he has realised that he enjoyed working in that industry, and wanted to return. He has found new premises in Hove, which he feels are in a perfect location on a busy main road through the town centre and highly visible, with the added advantage of free parking outside the shop. From his previous experience, he knew he had the expertise to get a new tanning shop up and running and make it successful.

David also knew the tanning shops in Hove were very outdated, with none of them having any real investment over the past five to ten years. There is only one other shop in Hove that complies with the new regulations. David has started looking to invest heavily into the refurbishment with opaque glass cubicles and a very modern look.

That’s when he came to Johnson Reed and asked us to help provide finance for the new shop refurbishment and the Ergoline tanning beds he wanted.

David gave us this testimonial:

I opened my first tanning studio in 1996. I had made the decision to go for Ergoline sunbeds as I believed then, and still do now, that they lead the world in tanning technology and innovation. I always thought that I would not survive without having the best equipment, otherwise someone could open up down the road and put in better sunbeds and take over.

I went on to set up two sucessful tanning studios in Sussex but for various different reasons, ended up selling them in 2004 and 2010. After trying my hand at a website business online which failed after two years or so, I decided to go back into what I knew best.

I had to raise a lot of money to buy the best beds and Ergoline put me onto Johnson Reed who were specialists at leasing in the tanning industry.  I worked with their representative and having had a fair bit of experience already, gave them a few hoops to jump through in order to convince me I had obtained the best deal going. They answered all my questions efficiently and came up with a few different options for me to choose from. What I valued most was the personal touch and dealing with the same person who was able to anser my questions and made all the effort necessary to enable me to proceed with my third shop.

When I received all the paperwork, it was all correct and accurate and it had been made easy for me to understand and sign the papers.

3 months on and everything is ticking along nicely. You can see my new tanning studio at

I would wholeheartedly recommend Johnson Reed to you for specialist leasing.