New business needs help to live off the fat of the land

Johnson Reed
1m read

Laser lipolysis. It sounds painful doesn’t it? But we’re assured that it isn’t. This is the pioneering process of non-invasive fat reduction (actually, we believe the beauty therapy industry prefers to call it ‘inch loss’) that is being carried out in thousands of beauty salons across the country these days.

With obesity epidemics hitting the headlines, surgical procedures for fat removal have become a popular choice (goodness knows why!) for late night programmes of the embarrassing bodies ilk. But no doubt sufferers would all prefer non-surgical solutions if possible. Sharon Rose, a beauty therapist from Chatham in Kent, saw the opportunity for lipo treatment at her new hair and beauty salon, so she came to Johnson Reed for a relatively small salon finance deal – Just £4,000 over 36 months – so that she could invest in the latest technology. With an eye for business, she could see the opportunity for putting her new venture on the map, and she now has a brand new income-generating lipo machine that will start earning her money straightaway.

For a small business like Sharon’s, Johnson Reed is the perfect solution for carrying out the simple process of obtaining new equipment quickly and without hassle. And the great thing is, she can start using it immediately. She’ll be able to budget for her fixed repayment schedule as well, leaving her plenty of time to scour the streets of Chatham for all that excess fat, cellulite and loose skin.