An aesthetically pleasing result

Johnson Reed
1m read

Did you know that it costs £15,000 to buy a HydraFacial Tower? No, neither did we until we looked into things in more detail for our client, Orchard Aesthetics in Henley. Anti-aging skincare is big business, especially in America where they call it ‘cosmeceuticals’.

We have a supplier that specialises in procedures such as line-reducing injectables and muscle-relaxing treatments. They’ve imported a lot of technology from the States, so we turned to them for the HydraFacial Tower for Orchard Aesthetics. They were relocating and wanted to find new ways of generating income. So they decided that, if they introduced additional treatments, they could expect increased business turnover, courtesy of the affluent folk of Henley (on Thames, of course).

This HydraFacial kit is quite specialist, but because we have become trusted advisors in the beauty industry, companies offering beauty treatments know to come to Johnson Reed for salon finance. We offered them a speedy turnaround and they didn’t have to go grovelling to their local bank for finance, not knowing whether or not they’d be successful.

Our clients know, and our suppliers know, that Johnson Reed is the one source of reliable salon finance. With a dedicated account manager, we take care of everything seamlessly. We make every transaction simple and straightforward because our aim is to help everyone – client or supplier – in winning more business.