Could Quirky Kit finance be the key to growth?

Johnson Reed
2m read

Inventive concepts can often prove to be the most profitable. Customers and guests are drawn to the stranger, more innovative side of a fit-out or floor plan. We’ve seen it in action.

Alternative finance recognises this more than traditional lending solutions. Johnson Reed’s Quirky Kit product, for example, is made for such ideas.

Think bigger. Realise your potential. We want to explain why the more unique assets are not only affordable with Quirky Kit, but can actually make your business better…

Mark yourself out from the crowd

Whether you’re a café, bar, restaurant, fitness centre, or any other brand, there will be a pattern in your industry. The vast majority of businesses do things ‘by the book’.

By this, we mean they tend to follow what others are doing in their region or wider market. Perhaps their product is tweaked slightly. Or maybe the difference is a question of price or personal service. But when it comes to physical or digital assets, they may go for a ‘safer’ option – choosing the bare minimum that a business needs to hit its targets.

Yet with a headline investment – a one-of-a-kind installation, for instance, or a piece of software that can take your operations to a whole new level – you’ll build more revenue. Style and spatial characteristics can make you a go-to venue for your target audience. Air con, machines, media features and statement windows add value in the right context. Even specialist tools for use behind closed doors can be extremely valuable; we’ve served many restaurants with a single, core cooking appliance, without which they couldn’t provide authentic cuisine, or a healthy brunch worth looking forward to.

From giant, cut-in-half caravan seating booths to orangeries and grand pianos, the Johnson Reed team have seen our share of wild investments over the years.

Defeating the small-minded problem

Banks and other mainstream lenders don’t usually help you think more ambitiously. When it comes to funding fresh professional assets, they tend to be wary of something that breaks the mould.

But really, when cash is secured, you can earn from the benefits of the equipment, item or digital asset. It can then pay for itself. You skirt the upfront cost, and are given a flexible timescale in which to make a good profit. As a result, cash flow is balanced and your business growth can pick up thanks to a stable repayment plan.

Our Quirky Kit package can provide the freedom you require to push your brand forward, expand, and build a fantastic credit relationship. Over £150 million has been raised so far. We can typically approve you within two hours to suit any rapid development. Speak to a member of the team; we’d be happy to explain Quirky Kit in more depth, including what it encompasses and the potential it offers.