When looking to purchase new software for your business, your licencing and payment will likely be amongst your top considerations. With obvious pros and cons to perpetual licencing and subscriptions, it’s important to determine which model will best suit your business’ requirements.

Regardless of the size of your business or industry, a customer relationship management (CRM) system can form the framework of your business; helping manage much of the day-to-day and streamline your operation across departments. Used to its full potential, your CRM can be a powerful marketing and sales aid solution; helping teams operate more efficiently, identify new opportunities, and ultimately, win more business.

Whilst some fraud attempts are laughable (like the substantial ‘tax rebate’ you forgot to claim!) others are becoming more sophisticated, and stand a chance of catching even the most IT-savvy businesses out. Once an attack strikes in the workplace, it can take a great deal of time, money and valuable resources to get the issue resolved. Yet whilst businesses are becoming warier of the problem, a significant proportion are still yet to take appropriate action.

Not only highly inconvenient and stressful, ransomware presents a huge threat to your business, and can cause you to loose critical data, time and money. We’ve partnered with Brigantia, the largest subscription partner services community in the UK, to get a first-hand industry insight on the matter. With so many high-profile companies and organisations falling victim to cyberattacks, it certainly begs the question – is there any way we can guarantee full protection?

Technology is an increasingly integral part of any business, whether it be the bespoke software that manages your operation or the intrinsic IT hardware employees use day in, day out. The initial outlay for the purchase, however, can be incredibly prohibitive to cash flow- and that’s if the funds are even available in the business in the first place!

‘Not just another print company’, Altrincham-based County Print have 50 years’ experience in the industry, and have built up a large and dedicated client base. They set out to address a few bottlenecks in their production line, and through a lease agreement with Johnson Reed, they have recently made some IT upgrades, acquiring new hardware and software,

Celebrating their 35 year anniversary next year, Elle Media Group are a thriving print company/publishing house based in Basildon, Essex. Servicing a wide variety of businesses and Charities alike, they offer a fully comprehensive printing, publishing and fulfilment service all under one roof. Three years ago Elle Media Group were operating with an MIS estimating system bolt-on, which would not be adequate when working in conjunction with their state-of-the-art Heidelberg XL-106 press.

Spiral Colour were previously using a cloud- based management information system (MIS) that was operating on estimations only. The old system was unreliable, with the team of four estimators losing up to 30 minutes per day in downtime.

When your business runs from an IT-based system, you need to make sure it remains up-to-date and serving yourself and your customers in the way it needs to. One of the biggest problems with systems of this type is out-of-date software and procedures, causing inefficiencies and reducing your profitability.

That’s why when we were put in touch with a Financial Management company in the North West, who needed help upgrading their software, we knew that we would be able to provide the finance they were looking for. We helped the company gain over £30,000 of finance to help fund the acquisition of software licenses to allow their staff to process finance and debt repayment scheduling applications, where they were unable to before.

We were recently asked to work with a leading air conditioning supplier in the UK, to help provide new IT hardware to update their ageing infrastructure.

Our client is a large nation-wide corporation, with some high-calibre clients, so having a working and efficient IT system is essential to their continued success and innovation. We helped provide over £75,000 worth of IT hardware finance, to allow them to purchase new servers, desktops, various pieces of IT hardware, and new software.