County Print acquire new DAM software

Johnson Reed
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‘Not just another print company’, Altrincham-based County Print have 50 years’ experience in the industry, and have built up a large and dedicated client base, a success underpinned by the excellence, quality and reliability of their service.
Pixabay, Unsplash
They promise a ‘total printing solution’, consisting of digital pre-press services and a wide range of printing capabilities, including bindery, large format and in-house lamination. The team also specialise in ‘Digital Asset Management’, a service recently enhanced by their Xinet software purchase.
County Print set out to address a few bottlenecks in their production line, and through a lease agreement with Johnson Reed, they have recently made some IT upgrades, acquiring new hardware and software, including a more modern range of PCs from Apex Computing.
The new kit will not only make their operation more efficient for existing clients, but will also help them service new business and cater for growing demand.
Alongside their recently acquired hardware, County Print have upgraded to a Xinet Digital Asset Management system.
“Organisations have many different assets located all around their businesses, including images, technical documentation and video. A DAM system brings all these assets into a centralised repository.” London Graphic Systems’, Tony Newton, explains. “The DAM is yet another service County Print can offer to clients, and also aids them in their own creation of artwork.”
To avoid any disruption to cash flow, County Print opted for tax-efficient leasing to cover their various technology upgrades. As a result, they made an immediate return on their investment!
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