Software boost to finance management company

Johnson Reed
1m read

When your business runs from an IT-based system, you need to make sure it remains up-to-date and serving yourself and your customers in the way it needs to. One of the biggest problems with systems of this type is out-of-date software and procedures, causing inefficiencies and reducing your profitability.

That’s why when we were put in touch with a Financial Management company in the North West, who needed help upgrading their software, we knew that we would be able to provide the finance they were looking for. We helped the company gain over £30,000 of finance to help fund the acquisition of software licenses to allow their staff to process finance and debt repayment scheduling applications, where they were unable to before.

With our standard terms of leasing, we set up a contract where the client repayed their borrowed amount over 24 months, improving their cash flow (rather than buying the licenses outright), and providing tax benefits where an outright purchase provides none.

We were also able to set up this deal with no deposit required, and no personal guarantees, with only basic information required to agree a deal with our panel of lenders. This simple deal was quick and easy to set up, and has meant the company can improve their operations at minimal continuing costs.