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When dealing with heavy duty plant machinery, they can be very costly to replace. For some businesses, replacing or buying new machines can be painful. Not so with equipment leasing, where you can finance the machinery over a long term (usually 24-60 month) investment, spreading the cost and making it more manageable.

Your business can get huge benefits by leasing plant equipment and offsetting all the operational costs against your tax bill. We can help finance a huge range of machinery, from woodworking, metalworking, CNC machining centres, drilling machines, air compressors, welding equipment, and many more.

If you’re considering leasing plant equipment or using our hire purchase facility, why not give us a call and see how we can help you?

Unlike traditional sources of finance (i.e. banks), with leasing you can also include the costs of installation and training into the financed amount.

Just some of the types of equipment we can help you get finance for include:

  • Metalworking Equipment Leasing
  • Fabrication Equipment Leasing
  • Furnaces & Ovens
  • Grinding Equipment Leasing
  • Injection Molding Equipment Leasing
  • Lasers | Laser Cutting
  • Lathes & Turning Machine Financing
  • Milling Machine Finance
  • Packaging Equipment Leasing
  • Plastics Machinery, Presses, Saws, Welding
“Mark and his team helped us massively in expanding and upgrading our equipment. They were supportive and attentive throughout, making it easy, clear and simple. Thanks again, Johnson Reed.”

Andrew Calleja, Clopton Catch

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