Johnson Reed help Adam Polymer stay ahead of the game with asset finance

Johnson Reed
2m read

Since 1995, Stockport-based company Adam Polymer have been a major player in the industry of polymer manufacture and has become one of the leading chemical suppliers in the UK for industrial polymers.

What are polymers, you may ask? Polymers are either natural (or in this case) synethic molecules or macromolecules made up of individual subunits (called “monomers”) used to create a variety of ubiquitous items and materials, such as plastics and polystyrene (styrofoam).

The team behind Adam Polymer are father and son duo Bill and Mark Adam. Bill founded the company in 95 with 45 years experience in the industry under his belt, and a Chartered Scientist and Fellow of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM) certificate on the wall. His son Mark, more of a business and strategy type, joined the company and the pair have since kept the business on the path of prosperity ever since. Another of Bill’s sons, Bill Jr., also joined the company recently, making it quite the family business!

However, lately Adam Polymer knew that some of their equipment was starting to age and need replacing. They approached us to help get finance for their new machinery, which we were delighted to do. We helped provide £42,000 worth of machinery finance to the company from one of our tier 1 finance houses, an American bank new to the UK. This meant that we were able to provide our best rate for this well-established company.

The new machinery installed includes a new state-of-the-art laboratory, allowing Adam Polymer to continue to grow their business and the quality of their products to clients around the world. They also acquired a new cooling conveyor and automated packing system, which has been undergoing final tests and expected to start operation shortly. This new conveyor and packing system will enable them to pack and palletise an impressive 600kgs of their Adsperse Range within an hour.

The final piece of kit we were able to help Adam Polymer obtain was an air compressor, which will allow their factory to improve on their energy efficiency, and in the long run help save money on their operating costs.

All of this new kit, coupled with the inherent advantages of using asset leasing (such as being able to spread the cost over a fixed period and superb tax advantages), means that Adam Polymer can continue being an industry-leader in producing materials that we can barely pronounce!