Strapping machine for big printing company

Johnson Reed
1m read

Across the UK, more and more businesses are taking responsibility for what they consume, together with its resultant impact on the environment. This is particularly evident in the printing industry, where measures taken include using vegetable-based inks as standard, use of recycled paper, and utilising bio-degradable laminates. One printer in particular, Spellman Walker, even has automatic waste recycling processes in place.

As part of this procedure, Wigan-based Vale Service & Rentals have a contract with Spellman Walker to collect their waste paper. They realised that the process could be carried out more efficiently with a new strapping machine, together with a loading ramp, that could be positioned at one of the Spellman Walker sites.

But this was a considerable investment. Nearly £12,000 in plant and machinery leasing was needed to acquire the machine that will now increase the efficiency and amount of waste that can be collected on each visit. So they came to Johnson Reed for a lease over 36 months that instantly made this possible – with only basic information to divulge for a very speedy turnaround.

Another typical example of Johnson Reed’s expertise in the plant and machinery sector. With our help, a multitude of businesses are able to afford the best quality equipment, with simple pay-as-you-use direct debits to spread the capital cost through the period of its working life.