Do you find that hardware is a vital but costly part of your IT business? Investing in new and replacement equipment can be a challenge for IT companies, so let us help take the growth pains out of your business with our dedicated IT leasing package. Don’t just get what your business can afford, get what your business truly needs to succeed!

At Johnson Reed, we’ve been working with IT businesses for over 15 years and are uniquely placed in the UK’s IT sector to provide expert advice and comprehensive finance support for any size of business. Our expertise doesn’t just stop at hardware financing, we also specialise in software finance too.

By using leasing for your new hardware, you are spreading the cost over a fixed term with a totally transparent and upfront payment schedule. There are no hidden costs involved, and once the finance term is complete the equipment is yours – simple as that!

One of the great advantages of taking on leasing is the ability to modify and upgrade your equipment as time goes on. In the IT industry, as you well know, hardware and software get upgraded all the time, so often having a 2 or 3-year contract doesn’t seem so attractive when it’s the same piece of kit you’re paying for. That’s why we offer the ability to upgrade your IT equipment, even if you’re in the middle of a contract, we simply modify the contract to take that into account, and you get the new kit!

We have worked to source IT equipment leasing to large multi-nationals, small-medium businesses (SMEs), and one-man bands. From just £1,000 upwards, you can lease 100% of your IT requirements in a way that is incredibly tax efficient. Don’t forget you can also include key elements of any acquisition and incorporate any intangibles you may require, such as maintenance, training, installation and consultancy.


Case studies

Speedy server for New Leaf Press

Speedy server for New Leaf Press

Based on the outskirts of Manchester city centre, New Leaf Press have been supplying high quality bespoke printing services since 1983. Offering in-house pre-press, digital, large format and UV printing, New Leaf continually invest in the latest print technology to ensure they deliver the highest possible quality. However, in recent years the company’s behind-the-scenes IT had taken a backseat. The team were previously operating with a 12-year-old server, which was no longer communicating effectively with their other IT and becoming counter-productive to the business.

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