New hardware for Hallidays

Johnson Reed
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Directors: Valerie Wain, Anna Bennett, Philip Jones, Nigel Bennett (MD) and Paul Whitney.

‘More than just accountants’, Stockport-based Hallidays pride themselves on their comprehensive service and exceptional levels of support for their clients. The consensus from their plethora of glowing reviews is that the team go above and beyond, helping their clients to grow their business and achieve their goals.

Initially established back in 1843, Hallidays has an extensive and compelling family history.  The business was passed down through generations before being taken on by partners and joining forces with other established UK practices. The business has continued to grow in strength and numbers, winning many awards, one being the peer-elected UK Accountancy Firm of the Year.

As our accountants, Hallidays have a well-established and ongoing relationship with Johnson Reed. They have used leasing on several occasions as a tax-efficient method to acquire new kit, and have recently purchased new hardware and telecoms equipment through a sale and leaseback facility.

It’s a pleasure to work with Johnson Reed, the prompt turnaround allowed the company to have immediate use of the new equipment and minimise downtime, without tying up vital cash reserves in the initial purchase. Who wouldn’t be delighted!

-Valerie Wain, Finance Director, Hallidays.