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Alarm systems, CCTV, print recognition – it’s all in a day’s work for Johnson Reed.

If you’re involved in finance and CCTV leasing for security systems, you’ll know how complicated, and costly, it can be to install. If you want real peace of mind with your security systems, come to Johnson Reed, because we’ve got it covered.

Alarm systems, CCTV cameras, monitors and print recognition are all part of an overall security system that could make a severe dent in your budget. We can offer expert opinion on the right leasing finance package for you, which will also save you money. We’ll show you how cost-effective it can be to lease a complete system, including equipment, installation, wiring and ongoing maintenance – all within one simple rental.

It’s crucial to keep burglars off your property and away from your premises. So you really should invest in an efficient security system. As with so many other facets of business life, the more you’re prepared to invest, the better the equipment you’ll end up with. There are many finance companies that don’t appreciate the nuances of the technology associated with security equipment. But at Johnson Reed, we regard CCTV leasing as one of our specialist areas and we have advisors who are well qualified in the security sector. They will gladly pass their expertise on to you.

You may find that funding for niche products like CCTV security systems is difficult to obtain through conventional sources like banks, but we have an original approach that maximises our enviable relationships with suppliers and manufacturers alike.

Make sure you get the right kit and benefit from a leasing package that will deliver many advantages, including significant tax benefits. With a CCTV leasing package arranged by Johnson Reed you’ll be able to afford the best system on the market and easily upgrade or extend it when the need arises.

We can help you get equipment leasing for…

Whether you are looking to finance a single item of equipment or an entire refit of your premises, we promise to react quickly and access our panel of independent funders to get you answer as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter to us whether you are an established business or a brand new one, we will do our very best to provide you the same great level of service.

We can help you get finance for:

  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV cameras
  • Monitors
  • Print recognition
  • Office furniture

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Case studies

Safe Salford Residents for Thorpe and Co.

Safe Salford Residents for Thorpe and Co.

Whether they’re off to university, moving in with a partner, or simply want to give their old mum and dad a bit of well-deserved peace (yeah, right!), it’s never easy when the time comes to let your not-so-little ones flee the nest. As well as learning to focus on the bright side (a smaller washing pile, a fuller fridge…) knowing they’re in a clean, comfortable and safe environment helps to give you that extra peace of mind. This was something that David Thorpe experienced for the first time when taking his son to university.

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