Quirky Kit Finance aids Specialist Equipment Leasing

Johnson Reed
1m read

We have combined the virtues of our equipment with the best financial support in the business. Working in association with Johnson Reed, Temple offer a quick and simple method of financing our equipment. Unlike traditional banks we are able to fund 100% of your installation including hardware, consultancy and installation.

Making your money work harder for you

There are often more productive ways to use cash than tying it up in capital expenditure. Quirky Kit Finance will maximise your tax position and cash flow by helping you acquire assets to move your business forward, yet keep precious capital. It may be quirky but it will have a serious effect on your business.
If you’re equipping your business with some equipment, give Johnson Reed a call first. You’ll find they’re totally dedicated to helping you achieve your business aims.

Big benefits for your business

  • Independent funding – will not affect any existing bank or credit relationships.
  • Fixed monthly payments – plan your budgets with confidence.
  • Immediate use of the equipment – obtain what your business needs today, without cash flow restrictions.
  • Simple to arrange – finance can be available within 4 hours.
  • 100% tax relief throughout the term – maximise your tax advantages, there is no doubt that you are much better off if you choose leasing than buying outright.