Messing about with CCTV systems

Johnson Reed
2m read

We all know that there’s nothing so nice as messing about on the river. On the River Ouse in Naburn, near York, Phil Bleakley has been messing about for some time, and a great success he’s made of it too. Naburn is the location of the York Marina, a development that he and his family took over in 2006.

They have constantly strived to make it one of the best marinas in the North of England. Anyone who knows York will testify to the fact that the surrounding countryside is some of the best in the land. From York Marina, you can hire a boat just for the day, or turn it into a boating holiday across a couple of weeks.

Phil’s intention is to make the marina a safe haven for boaters. So, to that end Johnson Reed has just helped him to invest in a comprehensive CCTV system to make sure that local ne’er-do-wells don’t do any messing about with the craft that people have entrusted to his safekeeping. CCTV finance is a growth sector for us and, although it was a complex scheme, we offered Phil a simple, no-deposit deal with only the most basic of information needed beforehand. This scheme was supplier-referred by Local-Fix Services of Pocklington, to provide state-of-the-art security via a monitoring station.

Finance was supplied over a three-year period. Knowing that he can budget accurately with regular fixed direct debit payments, Phil can now free up cash for other improvements, So boaters in York can look forward to a lot more messing about – with quality – on the lovely River Ouse.