Safe Salford Residents for Thorpe and Co.

Johnson Reed
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Whether they’re off to university, moving in with a partner, or simply want to give their old mum and dad a bit of well-deserved peace (yeah, right!), it’s never easy when the time comes to let your not-so-little ones flee the nest. As well as learning to focus on the bright side (a smaller washing pile, a fuller fridge…) knowing they’re in a clean, comfortable and safe environment helps to give you that extra peace of mind.
This was something that David Thorpe experienced for the first time when taking his son to university, “I’d been in property and accommodation for around 20 years,” he told us, “but that was the first time I’d really seen the security aspect through a parent’s point of view.” As proprietor of Thorpe & Co. Residential Property Investments, David provides accommodation for students, medics, academics and young people in the transition stage between finishing university and getting their first job. With offices based on Eccles Old Road in Salford, Thorpe & Co. rent out the neighbouring six Victorian semi-detached houses, operating with a central motto of ‘TLC’, and providing the best services possible to their tenants.
“These properties are unique in the respect that they’re run like a small student halls. They’re privately run by us, but without so many restrictions. We make sure every resident has a workspace and a double bed, and they’re free to have guests over to stay when they like.  It’s important that they feel as at-home as possible,” said David.
But for Thorpe & Co., accommodation services are just one half of the business! They have 20 years’ experience helping to provide and manage residential property investments across Manchester, Salford and Media City. Ensuring their customers buy responsibly is their primary incentive; prioritising security, professionalism and profitability in each investment.
David approached Mark at Johnson Reed for leasing finance for a new close-circuit security system for the offices, and neighbouring six properties in Salford. David and the team can now easily monitor their CCTV systems via a television link, and have incidentally been able to help local police resolve some incidents in the local area, “The service was excellent. Mark was very responsive to our emails, and came to visit us in person. The deal was sorted out really quickly with no drama whatsoever.”
With a new bunch of tenants due to move into the Eccles Old Road properties this summer, it sounds as though they’ll be pretty safe and sound this term!
For further information on Thorpe & Co.’s specialist services, visit their site here.

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