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Johnson Reed put their money where their mouth is with office IT upgrades

Johnson Reed have been growing quite rapidly in the past 12 months, with new recruits in admin, sales and marketing. We’re always explaining the benefits of leasing to you guys, but it’s actually our preferred method of acquiring equipment too. We’ve been working with suppliers, Tailored Office Solutions and Vaadhoo, to make some upgrades around the office. Catch up with the team here.Read More

A perfect package for PFF

The team at PFF Packaging were previously operating with a fragmented system running on multiple servers and moved to upgrade their servers with Nevis to keep up with the growing demand of the business.

Nevis provided the company with an all-encompassing solution that was tailored to their needs; introducing measures to prevent any downtime. Read More

Just what the doctor ordered…

All Cures are one of the nation’s leading retail pharmacies in the UK, owned by the busy Cheema family. Established back in 1981, the chain has a total of 13 branches across Essex and North London. Their online shop was launched in 1999, serving patients of both NHS and private health care.

In the competitive pharmacy industry, accuracy and efficiency are vital, which is why IT infrastructure is so important to business. Through a software leasing agreement and simple paperwork, All Cures were able to get the funding they needed to upgrade and replace their old system.Read More

Synergist Software Streamlines the Marketing Process for Focus Integrated

Crimestoppers, Spar, Genting Casinos and the University of Cambridge are just a handful of the established brands Focus Integrated has worked with in the UK. Specialising in both digital and offline marketing, the award-winning agency has 15 years’ experience in the field and continues to deliver innovative design and results-driven strategies to their clients.

In order to remain at the forefront of the competitive industry, Focus Integrated recently replaced their 10-year-old system with Synergist software, helping them to track, manage and collaborate on projects with ease. The features available with the software can cover a number of time-consuming tasks; from tedious expense reports to lengthy analytics documentation.Read More

Bloomfield Packaging welcome their Inner Circles

With email addresses, Dropbox, Google Drives, an overabundance of passwords and endless files to juggle, your IT system at work can understandably seem a little overwhelming. By simplifying and integrating business networks, Staffordshire-based ITP Group aim to replace computing chaos with their entrepreneurial ‘Inner Circles’ software. Sharing files with colleagues, scheduling appointments, managing invoices and recording your billable hours from your desk or on your smart phone are just a few of the useful features it offers.

“Most small businesses are stuck with old IT systems that are struggling to cope with the demands of customers and the needs of the business. Information technology is the engine room of all modern successful businesses.” –ITP GroupRead More

Speedy Service for Brennan Communications

Martin Brennan has 30 years of experience in the networking industry, working at various fibre-splicing companies until he set up his own business, Kent-based Brennan Communications Ltd. in 1999. The small business now runs a team of eight employees, and specialises in communication rollout across the UK. The fibre-optic cables deliver a faster broadband, which can reach speeds of up to 300mbps – that’s megabits per second.

The company have lucrative long-term contracts with a number of telecommunication and broadband services, including BT, Kelly’s and KMCO. However, although fibre-optic cables are more efficient, if they are ‘pulled’ into place like the copper cables used for telephone line and mobile networks, they will snap. Therefore, a blowing machine is required, to let the fibre through the exchange to the required location- “to the kerb” and “to the premises”.Read More

IT Financing with Johnson Reed

Here at Johnson Reed we proud of being IT financing specialists. We have strong relationships with a lot of main suppliers in the industry and are happy to look at funding all possible equipment needed to grow your IT solutions business.

If the banks or other lenders aren’t giving you the answer you want then there are many reasons why you should contact us for financing options. With over 15 years of experience in this sector we know what an IT solutions company needs to operate. This specialist knowledge allows us to help you manage your finances and give you the guidance you need to grow.Read More

Secure more sales with Johnson Reed

We all know a business needs to make sales to survive; securing a client purchase is key. You can offer them discounts, extra help, free fitting or specific knowledge on the subject but if the buyers cash flow isn’t there you will run into issues.

But don’t worry, that’s where Johnson Reed can help you. Vendors who use financing as a tool can not only successfully gain a sale, but it can increase the amount of equipment purchased and even lead to repeat sales.Read More

RJT Structures build a solid foundation with Johnson Reed

RJT Structures, established in 2010 is a Steelworks and Fabrication company based in Shipley, Bradford. Director Richard Taylor and his team specialise in metal and steel preparation, fabrication and welding for the construction industry.

Understanding that preparation is key to doing the work, Richard knew keeping the back office IT solutions up-to-date was integral to providing the quickest and most efficient services for their clients.Read More

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