The most exciting hospitality projects we’ve funded

Johnson Reed
3m read

Since 1999, we’ve helped countless businesses achieve their goals with common-sense lending. Hospitality clients, in particular, can let their imagination run wild with a short-term lease or cash loan. We work with dozens of them every year.

But let’s allow our results to speak for themselves by showcasing some of Johnson Reed’s greatest hospitality projects so far. These are the businesses that have done amazing things with our financial support.

1. The Real Jerk UK

Rihanna’s ‘Work’ video has been viewed over 1 billion times on YouTube. If you’ve seen it, you may recognise the name Real Jerk – the pop superstar’s Caribbean hangout in the video. Thanks to its inclusion, The Real Jerk in Toronto rocketed to fame.

As a result, the owners now felt able to replicate their success in London. We linked them to alternative lenders who loved the concept and the brand behind it. A giant grill was funded for Real Jerk’s authentic cooking style. They were able to refit an Indian outlet with a Caribbean twist, and today, The Real Jerk UK is full almost every night.

2. Rumba

Until we’d encountered Rumba, we’d never heard of repurposed caravans for a bar’s seating booth… But that’s exactly what the business had planned for their new premises in Congleton, as well as cabinets, fridges, air con and luxury furniture.

We gave the access to swift finance – both for equipment and the fit-out. The caravans were split in half, forming a cosy eating and drinking space for patrons. Rumba’s distinctive features, backed by 80 different rums, made their reopening an event that is still drawing more customers to the door.

3. di Bosco Horbury

Few businesses are born out of a charitable agenda, let alone a European saint! Yet di Bosco Horbury were keen to take their fair trade mission, with more than 150 years of history, to West Yorkshire.

With a champagne bar, grand piano, and 700 sq ft. orangery, di Bosco Horbury’s aspirations were very high. We stayed in close contact as the project grew, helping the brand finance a renovation at a former public house. Artisan coffee is a competitive market, but investments like this are able to mark a new business out in regional territories.

4. Greyhound Inn

Since the mid-18th century, the Greyhound Inn was a staple stop-off for visitors to Matlock’s cotton mills. A husband-and-wife duo took the building over in 2017, wanting a Grade-II location for their next foray into hospitality.

For this venue, they wanted to restore original beams and wine racks, and hire a full-time gourmet chef. From the purchase to the launch date, we introduced them to the right leasing agreements. In a few months, we aided the Greyhound’s transformation. It garnered some great reviews, becoming a revitalised hotel and dining experience.

These are only a brief selection that show just what finance can do for your own business. Take the common-sense approach; call Johnson Reed. We deal with lenders who like big ideas… Have you got one of your own?