Shorter sales cycles? This is how finance can help

Johnson Reed
2m read

Almost every business wants to make money more quickly. However, they often don’t know how to do so, or what can support it.

Johnson Reed have seen plenty of cases in which fast finance can streamline the sales journey. Loans and leases aren’t just for equipment – they provide a host of smart choices for a lean business model.

Increase revenue with the following tactics.

Invest in better marketing

Short sales cycles rely on the customer knowing much more about your product or service – and the reason they should pay for it. You may want to fund an SEO marketing campaign that involves feeding more appropriate keywords into your wider strategy or creating targeted ads that push people closer to a shopping cart.

Perhaps the brand itself isn’t selling what you do as effectively as it could. We’ve written about the importance of a more usable website, where the benefits of your product or service can be better displayed. But this could extend to your logo, emails and printed materials too.

Buy new tracking software

Dealing with a lot of customers means tracking more sales points as they emerge. How far might someone be down the sales funnel? What are they waiting on? Who’s the best person to sign off on a B2B purchase? These questions determine how quickly you can sell.

Software is the answer – both offline and online customer journey tracking should be brought together. And finance can fund it. A short-term loan could easily pay for business development tools that give your team critical awareness.

Increase manufacturing capacity

If you actually make products yourself, then apply for a short-term equipment lease. Bolstering your current manufacturing processes is bound to help you fill more quotas or grow your supply network. You could also use new machinery for prototypes to show investors before they’re market-ready.

This is always feasible. You can pay the debt back, month by month, with the extra profit made from the equipment. Then, steadily, you can scale up with more leases for additional machines. Hit a pace you’re comfortable with and gauge demand as you go.

Expand your operation

Location is so important for many service businesses. Perhaps you want to be closer to a core customer base, doing more work for a larger number of people. If so, it may be time to expand.

Alternative lenders can help with the fitouts and startup costs. Even vehicle leasing falls under specialised finance, allowing you to travel between more homes or B2B contracts. Growing your team in new, smarter ways can allow you to more easily access a wider pool of potential clients and customers.

We’re here to walk you through any potential finance package to cut your sales cycle down. Whether it’s more data, assets or team members that you need, speak to a member of the Johnson Reed team today and let’s make your investment a reality.