Funding your new website? Don’t wait around

Johnson Reed
2m read

Every business needs a website. But every business also needs to be agile about the one they have – investing in a redesign where necessary to help you portray the brand you’ve become over time.

A new website ensures you stay competitive, interesting and in step with wider changes to the business.

Of course, this costs money. Yet a common sense lending approach can free up the funds to make an investment now, while your idea is still hot. Here’s why it’s never best to wait for a revitalised website.

Web trends move very quickly

With the pace of digital innovation, no one can afford to sit on a site design for too long. What’s new and revolutionary today might become tired, dull or predictable in a year or two.

It’s much smarter to use current, in-vogue web features – such as single scrolling or glitch art – when you first discover them. Otherwise you’ll keep revising the plan, and cede ground to competitors.

The timing could be right for new branding

Have massive internal changes come about recently? An extension of services? More social media engagement once you’ve found your voice? These are signs that your overall brand is moving with the times. Since your website is a digital shopfront, it must reflect the words you use, the imagery you like, and the values you stand for.

We came to this realisation ourselves in 2019. Johnson Reed’s rebrand involved a web overhaul, which reflected our intentions for the lending market.

As soon as you have a refreshed web presence, you can shout about it. Social accounts, newsletters and more can unveil the new look at the perfect moment.

Content and site maps become more focused

Even if you’re setting sights on a launch date several months away, we suggest thinking about the website right now, whilst you can carefully plan and hire the expertise and secure funding.

Remember: this is your chance to write content (including blogs, web pages and contact details) that’s more in tune with your brand as it is today. Whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing to copywriters, any website will be better for the added consideration. That also goes for web designers and back-end specialists.

Additionally, you can work towards the green light for a business loan to cover the investment. Johnson Reed’s lending partners regularly give our clients the cash to make their new website a reality. You can pay it back over several years, if you need to.

We’re able to approve a loan in two hours. Speak to our alternative lending specialists for more details.