Adding to the menu: 5 ways to refresh your restaurant

Johnson Reed
3m read

Once in a while, you need to serve up something new for your guests. As much as they appreciate consistency, the same meals and concepts aren’t going to cut it forever.

Rejuvenating your restaurant could see profits and local interest skyrocket. But a lot of that depends on how you finance these investments.

Join us as we consider where cash can be applied throughout your business. Here are five options.

1. An interior overhaul

Do you have a theme? Perhaps the décor is looking somewhat tired or less than luxurious. You may want to swap a ‘homely’ look for something more industrial, chic or exotic. Changing or updating your aesthetic will help your restaurant stay relevant and in-keeping with developing tastes and trends.

It can also drive up visitor numbers and set the scene for new PR and local promotional pieces. Alternative finance can back any plan, especially if you want to relaunch in weeks, not months.

2. Use the exterior to its full potential

Even a revived small outdoor space can be used to its utmost – several tables, chairs, a heat lamp, and attractive lighting bring a new element to your venue.

First, consider the basis of your outside area – a paving or turfing job may be necessary. Second, analyse the seating – not only in terms of cost, but whether it will be fixed or freestanding and how it will fit together in the space. Then look at the added extras. Larger spaces could hold a small stage and fire pits, whereas one smaller feature – such as an outdoor ‘snug’ – can tempt couples in the spring and summer.

3. Finance fresh equipment

Your culinary specialism could benefit from the latest range of pans, cookers, fryers and utensils to stay competitive. This can contribute to better flavour and presentation (allowing you to raise prices) or cut down on time spent per meal.

We’ve worked with dozens of fish bars, curry houses, Italian eateries and other businesses with their own style of food prep. You’ll find many case studies involving equipment finance on our site. For instance, read about our work with The Real Jerk UK – a Jamaican food venue that needed particular grilling equipment.

4. Invest in a new website

For the time being, you may have the perfect venue, staff and menu offers. But perhaps your online presence lets you down; after all, it’s often the first thing people see when they search for you. A sleek, beautiful website can give a boost to any restaurant.

Hire a professional photographer to capture your food and premises. Pay a good designer to get the look and layout just right, and put your brand into words with a copywriter. Alongside a marketing push, a fresh website has the power to draw more diners to your door. Here’s why you should do it sooner rather than later.

5. Grow your restaurant chain

What about a new venue entirely? The restaurant you have right now may be holding you back, but with the support of rapid alternative finance, growth can be more easily attained. Loans and leases – the kind that we provide, with a specialist lending pool – can cover the cost of expansion.

Find somewhere with more space, traditional or contemporary features (depending on your theme), and a busier location. Johnson Reed can make it happen. We’re here to realise your potential.

These are just five starters for your dining ambitions. Have we missed anything? Join the conversation on Twitter or get in touch.