You know that lovely feeling when you’ve had a really enjoyable holiday? In fact, the best holiday you’ve had for years? What do you do? You say ‘We’ll come here again next year’. That’s great news for the resort owner, hotel chain or landlady, because it’s called ‘repeat business’. And repeat business is something we … Read more

Holiday Inn has an enviable reputation in the UK for being a chain of hotels with excellent quality while still being affordable for the general public. One of the group’s latest expansions has been into Sheffield, where a new Holiday Inn was opened on Victoria Station Road. We were happy to be part of this … Read more

Mullacott Park have a well-established reputation of owning some of the UK’s most luxurious holiday lodges, and it’s a reputation well-deserved. They offer lodges that combine the luxury of a hotel with the freedom of self-catering, in one of North Devon’s most desirable locations. We were recently contacted by specialist hot tub supplier Scarborough Spas … Read more