Luxurious bathing – on the wild side

Johnson Reed
2m read

You know that lovely feeling when you’ve had a really enjoyable holiday? In fact, the best holiday you’ve had for years? What do you do? You say ‘We’ll come here again next year’. That’s great news for the resort owner, hotel chain or landlady, because it’s called ‘repeat business’.

And repeat business is something we appreciate at Johnson Reed too. Take the case of Wildside Highland Lodges at Whitebridge near Inverness. It’s a scenic gem of a resort in the Scottish Highlands, offering self-catering lodges and log cabins alongside the River Fechlin that flows into Loch Ness three miles away.

They came to us a little while ago for finance to lease some high quality hot tubs. It was a move that improved their facilities so much that it resulted in increased bookings. They’ve recently come back to us, saying that they’re so happy they want the same number again, to further improve their facilities and stay ahead of the competition in their marketplace.

We liaised with Scarborough Spas to supply more of the same hot tubs, to the value of £9,300 leased over a period of 36 months. With a deal like that, Wildside can afford the best quality, and protect their cash flow while they pay for the equipment as it’s used, without the hassle of dealing with banks.

Guests stay at the resort to take the stress out of their working lives. We’re here to take the stress out of your business lives. Again and again.