Case Study: Johnson Reed finance new Hot Tubs for Mullacott Park

Johnson Reed
1m read

Mullacott Park have a well-established reputation of owning some of the UK’s most luxurious holiday lodges, and it’s a reputation well-deserved. They offer lodges that combine the luxury of a hotel with the freedom of self-catering, in one of North Devon’s most desirable locations.

We were recently contacted by specialist hot tub supplier Scarborough Spas to arrange finance for the lease of premium US-sourced hot tubs in Mullacott Park lodges.

In an effort to further improve their lodges, Mullacott Park felt that they could offer more to their holidaymakers by having hot tubs in their homes, increasing the rental charges on the properties, allowing the hot tubs to pay for themselves over time.

We arranged the tax-deductible deal with a lease period lasting for 3 years whereby the hot tubs would be delivered quickly without having to make a deposit, sign any personal guarantees, or put a charge on any property. We were also able to avoid any complicated paperwork and getting a bank involved.

All of this means Mullacott is seen to listen to their customers’ demands and continue to improve their facilities, showing commitment to their loyal customers.