How to avoid sky-high costs with IT equipment

Johnson Reed
1m read

The simple answer is to lease it with funding from Johnson Reed. That’s what one of our clients, Sky High Traffic Surveys, did when they needed new operating software leasing to keep them bang up-to-date with technology. It meant that they could control their budgets and improve their cash flow with a quick and simple deal between us and their suppliers.

We normally associate traffic surveys with students seeking holiday money by sitting in picnic chairs at the roadside, with high-visibilty jackets and clipboards in hand, annotating observations from an endless line of vehicles. Not with Sky High. They were the first company in the UK to introduce the use of video recording as way of increasing the accuracy and completeness of traffic flow counts. Since their inception in 1989, they have developed robust, safe and reliable video camera systems and expanded their services to meet whatever data and analysis, typically for council transportation, police authorities and borough councils, is needed at the time.

They do use skilled manual surveyors, but they also have at their disposal state-of-the-art ATC data loggers and GPS vehicle tracking systems. So it’s imperative that their key operating software on the servers and PCs at their head office in Tadcaster is kept right up to date. They need to supply whatever analysis and reports their clients ask of them. It can be demanding work, so it’s a good job they caught Johnson Reed on their radar to help them out.