Getting creative with software for creatives

Johnson Reed
1m read

There’s a problem with creatives in the ad agency world. They spend so much time generally being creative and excelling in their art, they can easily forget they have a business to run. They concentrate so much on keeping their clients happy and successful that they forget how to maintain their own profitability.

Salvation has been at hand for some years now. In an attempt to remove much of the time-consuming drudgery from day-to-day administration, IT finance software, designed specifically for designers and agencies, can give the creative process free rein to carry on producing award-winning work. Johnson Reed often assists in this process.

Milky Tea is a well-established digital design company in Liverpool. They produce animation and interactive services for the advertising and entertainment industry. Perhaps their best-known work is the Lloyds TSB ‘For the Journey’ TV ads, but they have a raft of other blue-chip clients as well.

We provided finance for new back-office software that now helps them to produce quotations, CRM, job costing, project planning, document management, purchasing, billing, accounts and reporting. They are making fixed payments over three years, so they pay as they go with some very useful kit to help them on their journey. While the lads and lasses in the studio keep on creating to their heart’s content.