Agency campaigns for updated equipment

Johnson Reed
1m read

IMA Group is one of the country’s leading advertising agencies. They’ve won many industry awards and, as is the case with so many marketing companies, they need to keep up to speed with the commercial opportunities that are continually opening up in tandem with the march of technology.

The latest IT hardware and software is crucial to their success. Although not a large company, IMA’s investment in the right kit is always uppermost in their minds. To be able to react quickly to market conditions, and to avoid high capital spending, they decided to get hardware and software finance in place with more than one lender. They will now be able to buy additional equipment for delivery at a later stage, happy in the knowledge that funds will be available as and when needed. That’s a comfort that benefits the supplier, as well as the client.

For our part, Johnson Reed chipped in with £4,179 repayable across 36 months. We didn’t need to ask for a deposit, we could turn decisions around quickly and IMA will benefit from fixed payments.

As web technologies have developed, so has the sophistication of websites, intranets and extranets. Most significantly, the introduction of interactive commercial applications and the integration of data platforms is now delivering tangible business benefits for the company – and their clients. Whilst their key suppliers – Dell, Calumet Photographic and GBM Digital – all appreciate the expertise that Johnson Reed added to the proceedings.